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Cowboys Saloon Shootout Cowboys Saloon Shootout
Emergency calling! You are the sheriff. You get a call from the saloon about cowboy gangsters who are attacking the saloon and firing at innoc
World Cup 2010 Penalty Shootout World Cup 2010 Penalty Shootout
Sometimes the game is won in penalty shots. Make that your goal, and not your opponent's!
Campionatul Mondial din Africa de Sud 2010 a ajuns sa-si desemneze castigatoarea World Cup la penaltiuri.
Parfois, le match se gagne par tirs au but. Fais-en ton but, et non pas celui de ton adversaire !
Cock Shooter Cock Shooter
Shoot the passing chickens. Try to blow their heads off for maximum points. Dont let any escape. Very nice music!!
Impusca puii care trec prin fata ecranului si ai grija ca sa incarci tot timpul.
Apple Shooter Apple Shooter
Your goal in this fun bow shooting game is to shoot the apple off your friends head using a bow and arrow. Don t miss or you might end up hitt
Shoot The Animals Shoot The Animals
Shoot the animals as they charge after you but be quick or youll get attacked. This game is not easy.
Terrorists Shooter Terrorists Shooter
Shoot at different terrorists on 4 cool maps.
Bottle Shooter An ace shooting game Bottle Shooter An ace shooting game
An ace shooting game where you are a cowboy and you have to shoot the bottles thrown into the air.
Onslaught - Invasion - Shoot the little army guys Onslaught - Invasion - Shoot the little army guys
Shoot the army guys to stop them from invading the beaches. Fast pace action shooting game.
Vinnie Shooting Yard 5 Vinnie Shooting Yard 5
Vinnie has just completed an intense mission and now wants to sharpen his sifting skills! Sift as many heads as possible with your weapon of c
Shooter Spark and Enforces Shooter Spark and Enforces
Mission Briefing: The base has spotted an illegal goods storage in a warehouse, and sent you to the location to eliminate them. Eliminate
3D Shooter: The Roof 3D Shooter: The Roof
Shoot them before they shoot you ! You are surrounded. Use mouse to aim the target and left click to shoot.
Dolly Fashion Shoot Dolly Fashion Shoot
Dolly Fashion Shoot: Dolly has an appointment with the fashion show coordinator. Make her stand out from the crowd by wearing the best clothes
Shoot the Turkey Shoot the Turkey
Turkey shooting game
Don Don't Shoot Kenny
Shoot everyone but Kenny - hopefully this will cheer Kenny up!
The Old West Shoot em Up The Old West Shoot em Up
use your quick draw skill to uphold justice
Yeti Bubbles Yeti Bubbles
The main goal of this game is to remove all the colored bubbles falling downward so that they don?t reach the bottom of the screen. If they do
Unde vezi ca sunt macar doua bile de aceeasi culoare si ai si tu in tun tot aceeasi culoare, trage spre ele pentru a le uni ca sa dispara.
Juego similar al Puzzle Bobble, lanza las bolas de colores sobre las ya colocadas e intenta eliminarlas todas
Forme des grappes de minimum 3 boules de meme couleur pour les faire disparaitre. Soit rapide, sinon, la partie est terminee
Neverending Bubbles Neverending Bubbles
Break as many bubbles as possible to make new groups of bubbles appear and post your top score!
Build The Bubbles Build The Bubbles
Try to build the bubble as big as you can! Use arrow keys to move.
Balancing Bubbless Balancing Bubbless
How long can you balance Bubbless the clown?
Bubbles 2 Bubbles 2
Make your bubble grow by merging with other bubbles.
Touch The Bubbles 2 Touch The Bubbles 2
Touch the bubbles to play a song.
Touch The Bubbles Touch The Bubbles
Just touch em.
Speedy Bubbles Speedy Bubbles
Speedy Bubbles is a game of the classic Bubble Shooter kind. We've taken all the best stuff from similar games, so now you've got a unique gam
Funny Bubbles Funny Bubbles
Shoot the funny bouncing frog, cow, cat, dog, and other animals like the bull. Match up animals to r