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Use your mechanical fighter to smash up the robot opponent, uppercut, jab, block and power attack.
Bratz Love Meter Bratz Love Meter
How do you know whether that cute guy you always fancy likes you or not? By using this very cool love calculator of course. Just type in his n
Scrie numele tau si al persoanei cu care vrei sa fii si afla de la Bratz cum stai in dragoste.
A petición de algunos jóvenes visitantes del sitio también ahora poner los juegos de amor, o más bien, la calculadora del amor de las chic
Jeux Est-ce que ca va marcher tous les 2 ? Teste ta compatibilité avec ton ou ta petit(e) ami(e) grâce au thermomètre de l'amour
Metro Siberia Metro Siberia
Navigate through three of the Siberian underground systems in this RSSGTG.
Metro Siberia Underground Metro Siberia Underground
To navigate through the Siberia Underground, you need to watch out for the tricky gravity. Press and hold space bar to add thrust to your vehi
Super Metal Armor Super Metal Armor
Kill the enemies, switch or buy weapons and destroy bosses to pass each level.
Metal Slug Special Metal Slug Special
Run and Gun arcade game based on the famous Metal Slug series.
Metal Slug Rampage 2 Metal Slug Rampage 2
Follow up to the cool and popular Metal Slug game
Full Metal Jacket Full Metal Jacket
Full Metal Jacket Soundboard.
Metal Slug - Last Mission Metal Slug - Last Mission
Great Classic Metal Slug Game in Flash!
Metal Arm FAWEGE Metal Arm FAWEGE
Use your mechanical fighter to smash up the robot opponent punch and power up super attack.
Isometric Sokoban Isometric Sokoban
Sokoban is a puzzle game where you must push boxes onto set squares. You can only push one box at a time, and you cannot pull, so be careful n
Metal Slug Stickman Metal Slug Stickman
A platform stickman game with guns, grenades, and more!
Metal Slug Flash Metal Slug Flash
A game that truly mimics Metal Slug games.
Megaman Vs Metroid Megaman Vs Metroid
Classic Megaman gameplay returns, can you defeat Samus Aran?
Springfield Cemetery Springfield Cemetery
Shoot as many zombies as you can in the cemetery of Springfield in this Simpsons Shoot'em Up game. S