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Crush The Castle Players Pack Crush The Castle Players Pack
The wait is finally over! With over 1400+ castles submitted, Crush the Castle Players Pack was made for the fans by the fans. The King thanks
Un nou joc crush the castle! Incarca-ti catapula si loveste si distruge castelele cu un numar limitat de lovituri. Aceasa noua versiune are o
Después del éxito de Crush the Castle, llega la expansión Crush the Castle - Players Pack, con nuevos niveles, todos generados por los juga
Avec toujours le même principe: à l'aide d'un trébuchet et de divers projectiles apparaissant au fur et à mesure de votre évolution, vous
Box Head (2 Players) Box Head (2 Players)
The most awaited third sequel to the successful Boxhead series has finally arrive. With more rooms and finally with cooperative and deathmatch
Bloons Player Pack 3 Bloons Player Pack 3
Can you believe it? More Bloons!
Bloons Player Pack 2 Bloons Player Pack 2
More awesome bloons levels with your same favorite monkey
Xiang Qi Single Player Xiang Qi Single Player
Play chinese chess with another player offline move your pieces strategically.
Mario Super Jump Mario Super Jump
The Super Jump is a special attack used by Mario in Super Mario RPG. Click on the screen to jump at first, and then move your mouse to guide m
Sonic Lost In Mario World 2 Sonic Lost In Mario World 2
Sonic got lost in Mario World again! This time he faces more Mario World foes, more stuff and more adventures before he can get home.
Super Mario Miner Super Mario Miner
Help Super Mario Collect enough gold Coins quick enough to reach the next level.
obiectivul dvs. este de a colecta aur şi pietre preţioase şi pentru a evita capturarea de la stanci si obstacole şi de a a
Dale una mano a Mario a recolectar todo el oro y diamantes que sea posible.
Mario Ride Bike Mario Ride Bike
Your favourite Super Mario is back, but this time he s on the ride. Mario Ride has 10 challenging levels to clear with lots of stars to pick u
Intra si tu in aceasta cursa de 10 reprize si aduna stelute si banuti de aur. Ajuta-l pe Mario sa ajunga la printesa Peach, cu motocicleta cea
Super Mario 63 Super Mario 63
This Mario platformer is a cross between Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, with some Yoshi s Island thrown in the mix. Explore levels a
Aventurile lui Mario nu se termina niciodata. Acum el a plecat sa o elibereze din castel pe printesa Peach. Pericolele sunt la tot pasul.
Otra version del Mario pero esta vez con unos mundos mucho mas elaborados y con una jugabilidad muy buena. La princesa Peach a vuelto a ser se
Dans le jeu Super Mario 63, aide Super Mario a eviter les pieges et franchir les obstacles.
Paper Mario World Paper Mario World
Use your hammer to crush enemies or do it in the traditional way, jump on them.
Mario grabeste-te ! Printesa are nevoie de tine sa o salvezi din mainile dusmanilor. Aventureaza-te alaturi de Mario intr-un joc nou
Los flashes del mítico superhéroe italiano cada vez son más vistosos y ofrecen mayor jugabilidad. ¡Que sigan así los de Nintendo!
Paper Mario World est une aventure originale mettant en scène Mario. La princesse Peach est une fois de plus retenue prisonnière par le mal
Flying Mario Flying Mario
Use the keyboard to fly around Mario, Touch the mushroom to gain points. If you touch a fireball, you will lose 1 hp. You have 3 hp indicated
Mario Gangster Brothers Mario Gangster Brothers
Mario, Luigi and their lesser known third brother Mr T have had enough of being plumbers! They are picking up shotguns and turning gangster, y
Mario este jocul cel mai cautat pe site-urile tip miniclip sau in jocuri online. Mario Gangster este o versiune originala in care broscutele t
Juega a esta nueva version del juego ganster mario bros.
Gangster Bros est un jeu de Mario. Dans cet opus notre plombier est armé, il possède un fusil à pompe pour enfin régler leurs comptes à B
Mario Tuper Tario Tros Mario Tuper Tario Tros
It's a mario bros type platformer with a few surprises thrown in! Instructions: Arrow keys to move. X/S for action. Space - switch.
Aventurierul Mario are o noua misiune de indeplinit, dar de aceasta data trebuie sa fie mult mai precaut pentru ca, acest stagiu cu Mario este
En Juegos de Mario no dejamos de tener nuevos juegos y en esta ocasion te presentamos el juego Tuper Tario Tros Mario gratis para que no dej
Présentant le jeu Tuper Tario Tros Mario gratuit pour vous faire passer à tout moment dans votre temps libre
Mario Combat Deluxe Mario Combat Deluxe
In the funny smash, clash and bash fighting game Mario Combat Deluxe
Jocul Mario Combat Deluxe nu este un joc cu Mario obisnuit. Tu joci rolul lui Mario dar te lupti cu adversarii folosind pumnii si proiectilele
Increible juego de lucha de Super Mario Bros! Combina ataques y combos para acabar con todos los malos y Bowser!
Les fans du célèbre Mario vous adorer Mario Combat, une version gratuite du célèbre jeu de plateforme dans lequel Mario a appris à se bat
Mario Racing Mario Racing
Race through the Mario world and beat your opponents in the platform-based game Mario Racing Tournament. Choose from eight characters from the
Un joc cu Mario si Luigi in care trebuie sa te intreci cu celelalte personaje din jocul tau preferat Mario Racing Tournament
Elige tu personaje y el circuito que prefieras y empieza tu carrera junto a Mario. Sin duda uno de los mejores juegos de carros de la red
Joue à plusieurs niveaux dans ce jeu de course Mario. Essaie d'arriver premier à chaque niveau.
Classic Mario Bros Classic Mario Bros
This is original classic Mario game. Mario will be a plumber in this game.
Un remake destul de reusit dupa Super Mario de pe nintendo.
Mario Boat Bonanza Mario Boat Bonanza
MArio is in a boat and he needs your help to get all the coins before he is eaten by that giant fish. Mario is really strong he can make the w
Mario vs Boo Mario vs Boo
How many times you can destroy Boob before bombs's Boo reach you? Use the arrow keys to move. Press spacebar to shoot.
Dodge the ball thrown by bowser and get the highest score to win the game.
Grand Truck Grand Truck
Drive your Grand Monster Truck through the hilly mountains to end line in each level track safely, collect the gold and fuel and race to the f
Conduce tu Truck sobre el terreno evitando las dunas para no volcar, trata de llegar a la salida para pasar al siguiente nivel.
Fini le parcours sans embuche et en prenant soin de votre voiture.
Lilo and Stitch Peanut Butter Express Lilo and Stitch Peanut Butter Express
Help Lilo and Stitch feed these lovely baby fish. Use the arrow keys to move and be careful because you can run out of oxygen.
Vanessa And Zac Kissing Vanessa And Zac Kissing
Vanessa and Zac are on a date and they want to kiss without being noticed by other people. Help them kiss and they will appreciate your help.
SandCastle SandCastle
Defend your castle as you launch rocks and other weapons at the waves of attacking ships.
In acest joc de actiune trebuie sa scufunzi corabiile care te ataca. Doar scufundand corabiile poti apara regatul. Cumpara arme pentru a elimi
Defiende tu castillo con originales canones de guerra. Invierte el oro que ganes en nueva municion para hundir los barcos que se acercan a la
Voici un jeu de tower-defense assez original. Prot?ge ton ch?teau des bateaux ennemis en lan?ant des projectiles avec ta souris. Avant de comm
Tom and Jerry Food Fight Tom and Jerry Food Fight
Jerry is feeling rather hungry today and is on a mission to eat all the cheese he can find! As usual, Tom has plans to catch Jerry once and fo
Tom And Jerry Whats The Catch Tom And Jerry Whats The Catch
A funny chasing game where you either play as Tom or as Jerry. Both times Tom is chasing Jerry mouse, but as Tom you have to catch plates fall
Tom and Jerry Rig a Bridge Tom and Jerry Rig a Bridge
Help Tom build a bridge to sneak past Jerry and get some cheese. This is no ordinary game of cat and mouse!
Ayuda a Jerry a construir un puente resistente que le permita llegar hasta donde est? el queso. Usa el rat?n para colocar cerillas en el lugar
Tom And Jerry Midnight Snack Tom And Jerry Midnight Snack
Place the limited arrows correctly to get Jerry to grab all the cheese and the key to open the door.
Mr And Mrs Jerry Kissing Mr And Mrs Jerry Kissing
Make Mr and Mrs Jerry kiss and fill the kissing loader before the time gets over.
Tom and Jerry Classroom Clean Up Tom and Jerry Classroom Clean Up
Can Tom and Jerry learn a lesson in working together? Help them clean-up the classroom by matching the items on the shelves.
Tom And Jerry Super Ski Stunts Tom And Jerry Super Ski Stunts
Do you have what it takes to ride the waves with Tom and Jerry? Help your favorite cat and mouse complete some of the craziest stunts on water
Barbie Care and Cure Barbie Care and Cure
Play this cool Barbie game in which you will be a wildlife doctor who has to save and cure cute animals. Go in expeditions to find the animals
Avatar Pandora Dress Up Avatar Pandora Dress Up
You have to dress up the Avatar Pandora character with clothes jewels, etc. An amazing game you can play and have a great fun. Lots of dress a
Zuma Panda Zuma Panda
Very lovely Panda will throw out many more funny things. It's an Japenese Flash Game, but in the game there're two Chinese sentences, wish yo
Billy and Mandy Billy and Mandy
Use the mouse to choose Mandy or Billy. Look at the arrows that come out from the book, when they get to the semicircle, press the indicated c
Luigi Revenge Luigi Revenge
Another nice Mario game but this time you play as Luigi. You'll play through three levels each with its own boss that requires a special trick
Luigis Revange Interactive Luigis Revange Interactive
A fun game starring Luigi.
Luigi Luigi's Mansion
Run through Luigi's mansion and save Mario.
Waluigi Game Waluigi Game
Waluigi platform game. Caution, Waluigi cant kill anything by jumping on heads.
Luigi Gunman Luigi Gunman
Look out for the incoming enemies.
Luigis Kitchen Soup Luigis Kitchen Soup
Enter Luigi's kitchen and make some delicious soup!
Winter Games Winter Games
You are an expert skier in a ski competition. You will compete with skiers who come from all parts of the world. This is the best opportunity
Adrenaline Challenge Play addicted games Adrenaline Challenge Play addicted games
Fantastic motorbike game similar to Tony Hawk skating games. Collect the tags along the track, then go to the exit, performing gravity defying
Todd Todd's Games
Get all of the buttons in either the up or down position.
Bratz MakeOver Games Bratz MakeOver Games
Bratz Make Over: Pick the girl, wash and dry her hair, choose your favourite hairstyle, nails a...
Halloween Games Collab Halloween Games Collab
What's better than a Halloween game? 10 Halloween games! This collection of Halloween mini games features various kinds of funny action and sk
Tom and Jerry Games Tom and Jerry Games
Connect pieces to create a crazy contraption and help Tom finally catch Jerry in this Tom and Jerry game called Trap-o-Matic! Play More Tom an
Super Mario Games Revived Super Mario Games Revived
Collect coins and avoiding hits from the monster character in this SuperMarioGames
Weetabix Games:Swimming Weetabix Games:Swimming
Swim 200m as fast as you can.*Set to 3 decimal places.*Lowest score wins.
Weetabix Games:Running Weetabix Games:Running
Run 100m as fast as you can.*Set to 3 decimal places.*Lowest score wins.
Weetabix Games:Cycling Weetabix Games:Cycling
Cycle 500m as fast as you can.*Set to 3 decimal places.*Lowest score wins.
The Solar Games The Solar Games
Travel the solar system, compete in different sporting events and collect points which are tallied up at the end.
Dailygames Dailygames
Powerpong is a Just like a real Ping Pong table have a cool design
Barbie Games Funny Barbie Games Funny
Barbie Games Funny: In this free online Barbie game you can decorate a beautifull mini dolls house, place kids in the rooms and arrange the fu
Fishing Games Fishing Games
Play the Fishing Game. Position the Harpoon hook by using the Left & Right arrow keys. Use UP arrow key to shoot the hook and down arrow key t
The Armchair Games The Armchair Games
The Armchair games is a re-working of the old keyboard-basher format. There are four events in total and a great competition to enter if you b